“We Come to You!”




Custom Lessons on specific tasks for (Mac, PC, Linux)

  • Introductory Lesson
  • PhotoShop®
  • GIMP/other free photo/graphics programs
  • Microsoft® programs (Windows®, Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint® etc.)
  • OpenOffice.org (free community-made [open-source] office compatible with Microsoft®)
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing & Multitrack Recording
  • Internet Basic and Advanced
  • eBay® Basics & Sales
  • E-mail
  • Internet Security

Topics with curriculum ($10 for curriculum hard copy)

  • 3D Animation Using Blender
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) - 2D Using LibreCAD, 3D Using FreeCADd
  • Computer Programming Using Kivy (Python 3) - Console, GUI, 2D Graphics, OpenGL 3D (introduction only)
  • Video Editing Using Premiere Elements 10
  • Web Design - Units available separately: HTML by Hand; DreamWeaver CS4; Flash Professional CS4 (animation only, not interactivity)

ENLIVEN (a Minetest engine game for everyone)

Download ENLIVEN (includes sfan5's 2017-05-09 build of Minetest)
Ignore Chrome warning: click the down arrow by Discard button then click Keep
Ignore SmartScreen warning: click More Info, Run Anyway, Yes
To create a desktop icon, you can the “Create Desktop Shortcut” during install. If you want to create one later, find ENLIVEN in your start menu, right-click it, then click “Send to...”, then “Desktop (Create Shortcut)”.

Featured Minetest mods

  • birthstones: a fork of birthstones with more tools and improved graphics (see also minetest-birthstones on GitHub)
  • *bones: a fork of bones where location and notices are sent to player and minetest log
  • farming redo by tenplus1
  • homedecor_modpack, everyone-friendly version specific to EnlivenMinetest project
  • *junglelike_minetestgame_recipes and *junglelike_dryplants_recipes
  • : for worlds that are missing jungle biomes
  • mobs redo by tenplus1
  • *mobs_monster: a mobs_monster fork where gross zombie variant of dirt monster is replaced with clay
  • *mock_tnt: doesn't destroy blocks, can coexist with regular tnt mod (all tnt is replaced with mock_tnt if tnt is disabled). This mod is helpful for when multiplayer servers have tnt disabled but players have acquired 'unknown item' (tnt:tnt) as loot. The Unknown Explosive says 'unknown item' on it, as a seemless replacement :).
  • spawners by SaKeL
  • technic: a technology mod similar to one that comes via launcher of this name for a similar sandbox game
  • *trm_compassgps: allows compassgps to be generated as loot via treasurer
  • *various adapter mods to upgrade old worlds: cme_to_spawners, teleporter_to_travelnet (player must break then name then break the block again after converted), tsm_pyramids_to_spawners
  • and many more...
* part of EnlivenMinetest project